Wrong answer

A Wrong Answer is the result of a noob (alternately referred to as a newbie, a grom, or a boorish churl) spouting incorrect or unresearched knowledge under the basis of a "I heard from Mike beez that..." or something similar.

As a result, on August 8th the year of our lord 2012, king Biery ammended the unofficial ruledom to include this: the NEW MOPED ARMY RULE. as stated below, this has become official within the community following unanimous discussion and me writing an official wiki page.


If you do not own/have owned or worked on the type of moped in thread or discussion. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

I was reading a ton of old and current performance threads and they are plagued with "well i heard this" and "i was told this" bullshit. IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT, DONT TALK. I know people want to help and all but you're leading people the wrong direction. It's almost better for no one to reply if no one knows, so the person will figure it out and let us all know what they did. A huge problem is regurgitated info. If you have never built a PUCH GILA or whatever, do not act like you have any input on the subject. This applies for moped rallies too. It doesnt make your dick any bigger to act like you know about a certain thing and mislead people. Its a great feeling to know whats wrong with something and help someone fix it with confidence.

The Punishment

This rule should be enforced by spamming the person's wrong answer and any of their other posts anywhere with quotes of "wrong answer boorish churl", it's abbreviation WABC, or simply "wrong answer". This should continue until the newb poster who made such a grievous affront to the general moped knowledge database is sufficiently shunned and outcast by the remainder of the community that they tuck tail and flee forever. Long term punishments are inherently given as a result of their exile and, in order, are loss of self esteem, feelings of inadequacy, getting a scooter, and finally suicide.

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