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been out since 12/05/09 when our 2009 arrived lazer sport 5 in usa

now 2010 upgraded in looks only (same) ped looks only

so if you see an 09 model it will have blacked out wheels from us in california

2010 has polished lip on alloy wheels

thats it

but if check prices very low compared to any other new moped parts out there

no one has new since mopeds been here since 70s all are old stock

lazer mopeds are newest pedal moped in usa

but i promise they are here to stay


One of many rebadges of the crappy Chinese 4 stroke "mopeds" with a 50cc Horiztontal Honda OHC clone motor. Only fourstroke pedal mopeds in usa (besides Hondas, Indians, and the many other shitty chinese 4 stroke mopeds). Reportedly as fast as Superman and lightning.

Not to be confused with the Minarelli Lazers which are actually rad old 2 stroke top tank clones of the General 5 star.


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