Why magnums are gay

1. They are wannabe motorcycles.

2. You get guy crotch on your back more often than origanlly planned.

3. I can't afford to buy one.

4. Most came with ZA50's, and Za's EXPLODE.

5. They cannot be modded whats-so-ever.

6. Guy's only get them to compensate for their other not-so-magnum thingy.

7. They are only good for being melted down and used Roketa scooter.

8. I can't afford one.

9. A-ko doesn't ride a magnum, therefore they blow.

10. Every new mopeder wants one, then they don't, then they do again.

11. It is commonly referred to as a 'Baby Motorcyle'

12. Pinto's are the new Magnums.