How To Replace the Bearing in Vespa Wheel Bracket

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If your Vespa wheel bracket bearing has gone bad, never fear! Buy yourself a nice 6202z bearing, and ten minutes after it arrives, you'll be reinstalling your bracket on your bike.

2017-02-12 18.08.10.jpg

Here's your bracket. See those two crazy bumps? They're really soft aluminum rivets.

2017-02-12 18.08.32.jpg

Grind them off! Or drill them out. I ground them off. Easy. Ten seconds.

2017-02-12 18.09.31.jpg

Plate off! No biggie. Small screwdriver and pry. Easy.

2017-02-12 18.10.18-1.jpg

Now slip that small screwdriver in this side and start twisting to pry that baby out. Work it around a little at a time. Mine just came out. Some people heat up the bracket. I didn't need to. After I ran out of twisting leverage with the small screwdriver, I switched to a big one.

2017-02-12 18.14.37.jpg

Next, pop the remainder of the rivet out of the hole. I used a nail set. Doesn't take much. Oh, and my anvil is an old brake rotor. Works great! Almost done!

2017-02-12 18.16.19.jpg

As with any other bearing, grab a socket of appropriate size to match the outer race, and tap it in place. Remember, it came out easy, so it should go in easy. If not, you're doing it wrong! Anyway, get it in and ensure it is seated. No excessive force needed.

2017-02-12 18.19.02.jpg

To finish off, I just used a couple of pop rivets. Cake! Done! Congratulations!