Vespa Kinetic CDI

Very few Vespa mopeds with CDI made it to the US. Vespa CDIs are expensive, and require Vespa CDI cases because the mounting points for the stator/coils are different. This makes the Kinetic CDI the go-to cheap CDI option for stock or other points-cased vespa engines.

The attached PDF is a wiring diagram for installing a Kinetic CDI onto a Vespa moped (Ciao, Bravo, Grande). It shows the bike with simplified wiring or hard wired. It should be a good place to start from and switches can always be added.

Vespa + Kinetic CDI diagram

Kinetic CDI wiring diagram. The white wire splits off to the kill switch. Kinetic CDI wiring diagram.png

Original Kinetic wiring diagram: Kinetic wiring diagram.jpg

Kinetic CDI Coil and Voltage Regulator Mounting

Here is a picture of the coils properly installed:

Kinetic stator coils mounting.jpg