Vespa Bravo and Grande, Help with installing kickstand and spring

Installing a kickstand spring on any bike can me a painful knuckleduster with the pulling and inevitable
snap back of the spring. The difficulty is compounded sometimes because the work area is close to the
ground and you have to get down in an awkward position.
The Vespa Bravo and Grande are even more difficult because the spring, pivot pin and the stand itself
all must be installed at the same time.
I will be showing one technique using a bare subframe that is turned upside down on a bench for the
sake of photography. I suggest laying your bike over on its side on a blanket to make the job easier.

thread in spring

Start out by threading the pin end of the kickstand spring through the little hole in the subframe that is
just above the pivot pin hole.

line up

relaxed spring

Push the spring coils into the kickstand pocket of the subframe and just let the long pigtail of the spring
lay loose near the side of the frame.

pivot pin

Next bring in the kickstand and line up the holes and feed in the pivot pin till it passes through both the
holes in the kickstand and the inner subframe.

wiggle it in

Wiggle the pin as it works its way through the spring coils till it bumps up against the opposite side of
of the subframe. Use your thumb to keep the spring pushed into the pocket to help the pin travel through.
Note how the springs tail is still laying relaxed along the frame rail.

line up holes

Now look to the other side so you can line up the kickstand holes and push the pin home.

C clip

Install your C clip and the hard part is done.

grab spring

To finish the job you last need to bring the retracting spring into play by grabbing the pig tail of the spring
and pulling it up and over the leg of the kickstand. Wow you did it.

Bravo kick 002.JPG

Bravo kick 003.JPG

If you have any questions about this tutorial or can suggest an improvement in this method contact me: Cheetahchrome,26847