Vespa Bravo, Grande pull start kit install and specs.

I got a lot of inquires as to if there was a pull start for Vespa available. Well now there is one available through
the Treats moped super store, look here [Treats pull start].
A really well made unit constructed from 20 gauge steel with all machine made
hardware and components. This pull start kit bolts up to the three motor mounting points and will move if you
decide to slide your motor forwards or back. It will always stay centered over your crank shaft.
It was discovered that this pull start will not readily fit on a Ciao or Si frame with out some grinding / Cutting modifications.
This unit is compatible for use with most aftermarket performance variators such as the Malossi and Polini.
Any variator setup that you would still use your stock crank nut with will be compatible.

Here is an over all view of the unit.

pull start army

After you remove your stock crank/variator nut and washer your replace them with the nut, pawl and washer
provided in the kit.

cool parts

bullet proof

install bits

UPDATE: recently one customer contacted me and showed me some good video of his set up and that his spooler pawl teeth were just barley contacting the crank side pawls teeth. Now all future kits will include two 1.5mm spacing washers that will be installed between the crank side pawl ans the variator face if needed.
You probably wont need to use two or even one of the spacers, I just now put them in to save time if you run into this problem
Below is me adding in the spacers Lay spacers on crank

leave tooth washer out

Before installing the nut and pawl, don't use the provided tooth washer. This will give you some extra depth onto the threads. The Vespa crank having the stepped slot to grab the variator instead of a taper means you dont have to get your crank nut gorilla tight.

push spacers up to center

Lastley as you finger thread the pawl ans nut, use a small tipped too to manipulate the spacers upwards so that they center themselves on the crank nut. Then tighten as usual. But not gorilla.

Remove all three motor mount fasteners. You might have to flip your front motor mount bolts so the threads
look out this side. Place the unit in position and tighten up the bolts.

position pull start

Lastly install the rear motor mount bolt.

Rear bolt

The pull starts shell has large cutouts to allow for the expansion of the belt.

Nice shot

The little rope spooling component included in this kit seems pretty robust but I recommend that you not pull the rope all the way to the end of the spool as the spool is plastic and if you live in cold climate I imagine it might snap the rope or the plastic spool. I have found that short quick snapping jerks work best and really get the motor Spinning for a smooth start. If your rope should break, here is a link to easily repairing the spooling unit.[rope broke]

I am now finished with this Wiki page. If you have any questions about the tips I suggested, or are having trouble with the process or can suggest how I can correct a mistake I have made or to make the page better, contact Cheetahchrome,26847