Velosolex (Solex)

Velosolex/Solex General Information

Spark Plug -

all models (except Tenor / 8000) -

Champion L86 / L86C

Bosch W7AC , W8AC


Autolite AE32

AC 44L, 44F

Marchal CR 36, V 36

Denso W16FS, W16FS-U

Spark Plug gap: 0.5 mm

Fuel Mixture -

Always mix your fuel in a clean, separate container.

Never add oil directly to the Solex fuel tank.

Avoid fuels that contain ethanol.

Ethanol is damaging to 2-stroke engines in general, and is especially damaging to the rubber and plastic pieces of the Solex fuel system. It will swell the fuel tank cap, distort the fuel tank causing the halves to separate, distort the fuel pump seating piece and fuel filters, and wrinkle the fuel pump membrane.

Mixture Ratios:

~ Models 45 cc, 330, 660, 1010, 1400, 1700, 2200 V1 -

3% , 33:1

4 ounces of oil mixed with one gallon of ethanol-free gasoline

~Models 2200 V2, S 3300, S 3800, 4600, 5000, Micron -

2.5%, 40:1

3 ounces of oil mixed with one gallon of ethanol-free gasoline

Use semi-synthetic / synthetic blend 2-cycle oil.

Do not use full synthetic oil.

Full synthetic oil is designed for high RPM engines with tight clearances. On a sloppy, low RPM engine like a Solex, it will leave a film on the piston and cylinder that will lead to over-heating.

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