Variator Tuning for Stock or Stockish

So on my journey into variator and tension spring tuning for stock moby variators I came across a bunch of cool ass shit. Now I shall throw it into the wiki for easy access. NONE OF THIS IS MINE so if you see your cool ass mods here I thank you! AND PLEASE ADD TO THIS!!

Go to video:

First stop should be the video put out by Zeros Moped Club. Good little run through of some various techniques. The Rebelmoby tip of stiffing the tension spring with rubber and a bolt is quite useful n easy btw:

Motobecane Variator Tuning by Zero Moped Club

Think about your Belts:

Keep in mind too that trying out different belts is a great idea. For the stock variator and pulley you can go too wide, the regular go to belt is 12mm wide so keep that in mind when you see all the 15-17mm belts out there. I strangely had a Batavus m48 belt lying around one time and it worked better than any of the gates belts I tried that are sold for the Motobecane on treats ( gates 9319 )

Varplus mod:

So I ran into some weird issues using the Varplus with the modular roller weights sold on treats because these rollers are 15mm tall which pushed the cheek out too far... be sure to use rollers 13-14mm tall (the first number in the 14 x 14 mm type measurements). If you are using the varplus its fucking great and a much cheaper option than spending 200 or more on some fucking shit you cant pedal start without forking out more money on a fucking pulley with a clutch feature or pull start. For big bore and/or high rev setups the magic number is probably 12-15 grams total weight (more toward the 12 side tbh).

Stock Variator with 3-4 ball roller guide:

The cheapest option you can come by. Most likely you have a 3 ball roller guide using 3 10gram balls. treats sells some Peugeot stock variator balls that weigh 7.5g a piece or McMaster Carr sells ceramic balls and 3 of these comes out to 12.5 grams which is pretty fucking perfect for big bore and/or high rev setups. Have fun cracking open the stock variator but it beats spending like $200 when you can buy 3 white balls

mcmaster ceramic balls motobecane

Stock Variator Lighting:

I really don't want to go into the modification that can be done when you remove the starter arms bc I feel most reading this are just trying to get that moby riding fast for cheap but there is a whole crazy thread that was done and where most of this info was pulled from Toledo Riots Thread

Basically drill a bunch of holes but try and do it in a uniform fashion so the damn thing is still balanced correctly:

lots of holes
many, many holes