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Poor Mopey shes been a bit sluggish of late. I have been trying to figure it out why no power. She used to zip along 25 or so mph. Now its just bla bla bla. I purchased a 13/13 carb and a racing exhaust pipe it comes with a custom racing clutch. Hmmm I wonder if this might fix the problem so off I went on this repair/replace project. hmmm how will this turn out i`m wondering. The bike sits so low you can`t work on it without a table or something it`s back breaking work. I wheeled the bike out of the garage to perform the operation. As it would have it I parked the bike on top of the brick wall that is a half wall that divides our front porch damn it worked great. Popped the exhaust off was easy. Then I got to the carb it went almost as easy. Put it all back together and pop started the bike it kicked first try. Sounding a bit throaty i revved it up a bit hmmmm. ROAD TRIP ?? Yes you should have been there. 25 30 35 hummm 37 38 wow no way. Way way way 40 41. Yes it` its dangerous now hang on. The "joy" is back in "joy" ride.

Hope your having a wonderful day