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I have a 96' Kinetic with spark issues. I had spark when I removed the engine to replace the piston and rings. None of the lights worked before I started working on it. I checked all the wiring for proper ground and connectivity and checked the ignition switch, all good there so I thought I would take a look at the lighting and ignition coils. the lighting coil looked pretty worn so (without checking it for continuity) I replaced it. A visual inspection of the ignition coil looked good so I didn't touch it. I reassembled the engine and installed it. Still no lights and now no spark. Checked the plug and wire, all good. Wasn't getting any volts from the CDI so I replaced it. NO spark. Checked the voltage coming from the ignition and lighting coil leads, I barely get a full volt while pedaling like an idiot. When checking for resistance on both coils I get 0.0. I'm lost. What have I done to lose spark? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.