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Bought my first moped at the age of 40 off craigslist. Working to fix it up. Love the simplicity of a tiny, air cooled engine. Love the feeling of zipping around town on a whopping 49cc machine.

The Basics

Things done

  • Changed plug
  • Cleaned carb
  • Removed oil injection system
  • Got speedometer working
  • Got lights working
  • Installed:
    • New grip / throttle / break lever assemblies
    • Petcock and fuel filter (It had neither when I bought it.)
    • New break and throttle cables
    • New tires
    • Mirrors

Things learned

  • How to do all the above
  • How to drop the engine on a noped (Hint: you have to take the pegs off which also requires taking the stand off)
  • How to turn off the petcock when I'm done riding
  • How to make sure the rear tire is aligned properly so that your fender doesn't wear a grove in the side of your new tires every time you hit a bump in the road
  • How to run out of gas
  • How to tighten the spark plug cable connector on the side of the road
  • How to clean a lousy spray paint job off your bike using gasoline
  • How to find the flattest, most back-street way to get to where you want to go