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The NVTarzan, locally known as Tarzan Justin, was born into mopeds in December of 2008, with a F. Morini frankenped. His species is known simply as "The Tarzan".

He is an orphan of the universe, dropped on the doorstep of the Breakfast Mafia in May of 2009. They accepted him as one of their own, and raised him to be like them. In June of 2009, Tarzan achieved the impossible: 50mph on a 50cc K-Star.

He practices monogamous mopedding; having one, and only one moped at a time. When told to get another moped, the Tarzan will scoff and retort; as it is not in his nature to care for more than one. It is known that the Tarzan, at one time, had to care for two mopeds, but quickly chose the more dominant of the two, and let nature run its course with the runt of the litter.

The Tarzan can be spotted in the Kansas City area, and is currently pursuing speeds previously unthinkable for a certain displacement. He will generally make up for his lack of low-end with a screaming, snarling top end, and a witty, anecdotal view of the world. The Tarzan is known for his light weight and high top speed, though these factors may not be directly related.

There are a few who have dedicated their lives to monitoring the Tarzan, as his top speed, governed by the universe, is gradually rising. As such, he needs to be kept under constant observation, lest he speed off from his natural habitat; if this happens, he will cease to function properly, and will often have to walk his moped back to more comfortable locales. It was assumed that carburetor issues plague the Tarzan, though these theories have been recently debunked.

The Tarzan has few natural enemies, though lights that shine red, and vehicles with more than two wheels tend to provoke him. He will match these natural adversaries with either verbal declarations, or physical attacks. The Tarzan is known to be a very docile creature, but if he is wronged in his environment, he will react, sometimes severely.

The Tarzan is a very endangered species. There have been attempts to keep the Tarzan in captivity, though they have all failed. It is of ecological importance to keep the Tarzan moving quickly, as he will quickly die off if he is without his moped; though the amount of time in absence is unknown.