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Here is some stuff I'm selling.


3-4 sets of molested engine cases
16" rear wheel. includes beefy grande tire

Honda hobbit

Stock pa50ii crank with brand new bearings installed
Fors ( complete though needs work )
Stock points ignition setup
Front & rear wheel ( crusty )
Gear box
rear pully, freshly rebuilt but one of the welds is loose ( needs a reweld )
head light bucket
4 sets of stock handle bars
ripped seat, good foam


Maxi stock pipe.
Maxi stock pipe without header
Maxi air box
Multiple complete ignitions
Rear wheel with great chrome and spokes and sprocket (no hub or axle)
Maxi Forks

Peugeot 103

forks and fender.
stock pully
Chrome shocks
pedal shaft
pedal arms
kickstand setup
minty front / rear wheel
2 sets of stock bars and controls


30 MPH speedo with tip of wand broken off, 2800 miles
New clutch pads
Derbi Revolution Mag wheels
Pully side cover