Tomos clutch mod

This article is a wikified version of this post in the performance tuning forum.


This article explains how to modify stock Tomos clutches to make them engage later, which helps boost low end performance. Afraid of cutting? Try an improved transmission fluid first.


I took apart my Tomos today, removing the 1st and 2nd clutches. The first thing I did was remove the spring and shorten them both (for each clutch) by 1cm. I then put them back on and then cut 2 slits per pad (45 degree). It helps a hell of a lot. But be warned, without the proper tools (like I did) it is hard to do this. The two most difficult tasks in this process were (1) putting back the clutch springs… wow was that hard! and (2) taking off and later putting on the washer that holds in the 2nd clutch. If I had the right tools it would have been a breeze. After all is said and done, I am very very pleased with the results!

Tomos clutch 1.jpg

Tomos clutch 2.jpg

Tomos clutch 3.jpg

Tomos clutch 4.jpg