Tomos Revival and Revival TS

The Tomos revival is one of the top of the line models currently offered. It features classic motorcycle like styling in a step through configuration and lots of chrome. It uses the Tomos A55 engine.

2004 Tomos Revival.jpg

Technical Specifications

  • A55 Engine
  • 49cc two stroke
  • 38mm X 43mm Bore/Stroke
  • 10:1 compression ratio
  • Automatic 2 speed transmission
  • Dellorto PHVA 14mm Carburetor (#55 main jet, #25 pilot, #40 choke)

Maintenance Information

  • Gearbox oil: Type A or Type F Automatic transmission fluid.
  • Spark plug: NGK B6HS
  • Spark plug gap: 0.8 mm (For stock motor config.)