The Frostbacks

The Frostbacks hail from the Wet Coast of British Columbia. Born from the simple addictiveness that is called the "Moped Culture", the Frostbacks have slowly begun increasing in size over the past few years. The name was conceived during one of the many drunken nights during the Blood Drive 666 moped rally in Seattle. A fellow rider whimsically called the members "Frostbacks" and the name stuck. We are now one of the few organized groups to hail from the wintery lands.

Cody "Ditch" Brownell is one half of the founding members of the Frostbacks. As the main mechanic/tuner, he is also the one who seems to finish off the last beer, yet never goes on a beer run to replace them. Sean "Crash" Scudder is the second half of the founders. Known for putting together some of the most beautiful and fast bikes north of the border, his creations are also known to attract cars which proceed to stop in his path of travel, turning that beauty into a mangle of modern day, abstract art.....nearly as beautiful as its creator. Danelle "Short Stuff" Dirks was a late joiner. Cruising on her Moby, she makes both men and women yell "Salut ma belle" even though they have never spoke a word of French in their life. She is also the voice of reason within the group.

James Walker and Jeff Laschuk are two other on and off members of note. As early riders of the Frostbacks, they were instrumental in the early formation of the group. This coming winter thaw will see several new riders possibly joining the ranks. The rise of the Frostbacks is near!