Talk:Puch Maxi

Shouldn't the Maxi models list also include an entry for the Maxi Sport, rather than just the MKII? Something like the following:


1976 Puch Maxi
  • Maxi S - The typical, full suspension commuter version with an E50 (one speed) engine
  • Maxi D or LS- Same as the S, but with a double seat (factory long seat) for a passenger
  • Maxi N - A rigid frame, with no speedometer. It was cheaper than other models, and dubbed the "Poor man's maxi"
  • Maxi Sport - Full suspension, mag wheels, E50 (one speed) engine, longer seat (but not enough for a passenger)
  • Maxi Sport MKII - Full suspension, mag wheels, ZA50 (two speed) engine, longer seat (but not enough for a passenger)
  • Maxi Nostalgia - available 1976 only, a black/gold maxi with decals styled after turn-of-the-centruy puch motorcycle logos. The next year these were replaced with the Newport line.
  • Newport - Same as a Maxi S, but with different decals and hand pinstriping and sometimes a brown saddle. They also came with reflective whitewalls
  • Newport L - Updated Newport with swoop decals instead of pinstriping, black transmission cover and flywheel cover, and a puffy saddle
  • Newport Auto-start/Oil Inject - Newport featuring metallic paint, oil injection, and no clutch lever
  • Newport II - Newport featuring a ZA50 (two speed) engine