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new to wiki but is a graphic novel sold in book stores like borders...? or comic book shops? Is a story told through images a book?

i think the title should be Graphic novel or graphic novel comic. I believe sizer himself also refers to his publication company as white mouse comics.

This is NOT a book, but I do agree it's more than a comic. Good idea on the summary of the novel and shortening sizers press release.

Thanks for tweaking the format, I'll learn more.

A graphic novel is closer to a spiderman comic than a text novel, I think we'll agree on that. In fact, graphic novels are a direct offshoot of the comic industry.

I don't know the answer but calling this a "book" is incorrect-- and Sizer himself calls it a comic. Perhaps e-mail him and ask if it's a book or a fancy comic?

from wikipedia: The most common forms of printed comics are comic strips (most commonly four panels long) in newspapers and magazines, and longer comic stories in comic books, ***graphic novels** and comic albums. In the first two forms the comics are secondary material usually confined to the entertainment sections, while the latter consist either entirely or primarily of comics.

Thank you

Hey Wayne: I'm glad to see you hopping on the wiki. Don't worry too much about formatting -- you're completely right, you'll pick it up, and any new articles that you work on can definitely help the growth of this part of the site. As for where graphic novels are sold, they are often found in comic shops, but are more commonly being seen in libraries and (legitimate?) book stores. I used to work at a library and would rouse one of my coworker's anger by repeatedly referring to his graphic novel section as the comic book rack, so apparently some people have strong feelings about the difference, though I'm rather ambivalent about the difference. Moped Army (graphic novel), where Simon has moved it, seems to be the best answer all around, I think. --Mercadal 18:27, 24 August 2006 (EDT)

I think graphic novel is a good choice

Paul calls it a graphic novel, and by deinfition that phrase refers to a long form comic with a singular plot structure. I'm going to move it to Moped Army (graphic novel) and keep the book reference as a redirect. Then in the future if there is ever a book about the Moped Army we'll have a place to put that.

--Simon 09:29, 24 August 2006 (EDT)

I agree with both comments -- Moped Army (graphic novel) is probably the most descriptive term for the article title. --Mercadal 18:27, 24 August 2006 (EDT)