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Sparta Motors was a Dutch motorcycle, scooter and moped manufacturer in Holland.


In 1931, Sparta released its first motor-bicycle, which was equipped with a 78cc engine. World War II halted production, and afterwards, the company focused on producing mopeds.

In 1976 Foxi/Sparta mopeds were imported to the U.S. and distributed by United Mopeds. The Foxi name was U.S. only and never existed in the European market. Uniquely similar pre 1976 Foxi/Sparta frame models exist in Holland, but they are are proto versions of the U.S. models.

United Mopeds logo patch
Holland Crest decal


Sparta produced the Foxi GT Sport, Foxi Deluxe Automatik, and the Sparta Buddy and Sparta De Luxe. All were imported and distributed by United Mopeds. The frame and design was a progression and evolution of the Sparta mopeds from the past, and shares similar features all the way back to the 1950s models. Notably the Foxi and the differing 'KTM' models use the same Foxi logo, while the Sparta version does not.The brand Flying Dutchman also sold an identical model of the Foxi/Sparta under their own name.

KTM produced the alternate Foxi model which used its own unique frame, and was called the Foxi Deluxe Automatik. This frame was originally designed for a Puch power plant but early in the development of the bike they opted to use a Sachs engine instead. Because they had already started production on the frames they decided not change the frame but instead use an adapter bracket to mount the Sachs engine to the Puch mounts in the frame. If you unbolt the adapter you can mount a Puch E50 or ZA50 with little hassle. Remember that only the KTM Foxi models will have the proper mounts for a Puch engine.

  • All Foxi/Sparta and KTM/Foxi mopeds were made in Holland.
  • All Foxi/Sparta mopeds were imported by United Mopeds in the 70s.


  • Sachs 47cc , 1-speed, 504/1 A engine, Bosch or Motoplat electronics, and 16" spoked LeuLeu wheels.
  • The 504 differs from the 505 in that it has no attached pedals, the bike uses a double chain mechanism ( Pedal and Drive )
  • All 504 motors utilize the one piece cylinder barrel and head. This must be taken into account in regards to decarbonizing and the like.
  • Due to the one piece cylinder design, siezed examples are much more difficult to "free" if found seized.
  • The "30mph" ( really 40kph ) models are equipped with the Bing 85/12/101A carburetor and larger header pipe. These models have "40kph" stamped on the cylinder barrel on the magneto side, and have a 85/12/101a carb. Some of these models have a restrictive exhaust , noted for their bottleneck narrowing in the header. Fitting this model with a non restricted header/pipe greatly improves the bikes low and top end. ( remember to plug chop and jet accordingly! )
  • Less common are the restricted 20 mph models, which came with the Bing 85/10/101A carburetor and the smaller header pipe. These can benefit from the 12mm carb and larger header pipe.
  • Foxi GT Sport, and Sparta models are a 2 piece, stamped steel frame, inserted and joined by only 4 M8 bolts. The frames are prone to loosening and shearing of aforementioned bolts, and frame cracking.