Solo Belt Adjustment



The Solo moped drive system consists of a clutch connected to a pulley via a v-belt. On the back of the pulley is a sprocket. The sprocket is connected to the rear wheel via a light duty motorcycle chain. If your belt becomes worn it may slip. These instructions explain how to adjust it.

Tools Required

  • Socket wrench (two can be useful)
  • 13mm socket for each wrench)
  • Short extension
  • 13mm combination open/closed wrench.

Instructions pending.

I'm going to go ahead and guess due to the two wrenches, that you grab onto the nuts on the swinging arm mechanism above the engine, where it swings on the bottom of the bike when the variator spins up and causes the whole engine to move in closer as the belt rides up the face of the variator plate and bell. What I don't know yet is where you put it, your options are to loosen the nuts, holding one still, and loosening the other, then pushing down on the engine. The engine is pulled on either side by the two large springs under the side covers. While the nuts are loose, the engine can be freely positioned to sit at different lengths. I would assume that the length you're looking for would have the face or opening of the carburetor to sit perpendicular to the ground. Another way to say that would be the carb should sit level when viewed from the side.thenopposite would be to again first loosen the nuts but then to let the spring pull the engine the other way and then tightening them down. I don't have torque specs but some trial and error should be able to show you when you're right enough. Tok right and the engine will have trouble swinging in during the variation . When the engine is where you want it, it'll run better, imagine that. There really needs to be more info on this c Family of mopeds. I have a 1979 Montgomery Ward Open Road. It's my most finicky and also funnest stock bike to ride. But they're a pain in the ass . I've only been able to find replacement belts on Amazon, literally no where has them in stores around my busy town in Pittsburgh. The good news are Amazon has them for 4 dollars and some change. It's a 35ninch puter circumference, 1/2 Inch v belt. The thin kind. Though I am currently running a belt that's an I cannot two shorter,and a thicker belt maybe 5/16. It works, but the bike definitely liked the original belt (yes when I picked it up, original tires, tubes, spark plugs, cables brake pads and belt. It ran for about a week, with one good speed run before the flutter in the belt was too much, and the belt started to flap and cheese grater it self on the sharp opening of the engine case.

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