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Brief History

The Demm Smily, Scout, Dove (European), and mini PingPong mopeds were made by Moto Demm Milano, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer located in Milano, Italy from 1953 to 1988. They also produced more models of mopeds in Italy that were never imported to the U.S. Many Demm mopeds and motorcycles were imported to Australia as well.


  • The Smily and Scout models are identical and most abundant in the States. Although the Smily and Scout frame and motor appear very similar to other Italian mopeds, the Demm bike is specific to itself. The Demm engine appears to the eye to be a cross breed between a Morini Franco Motori and Minarelli motors, but it uses its own Demm-specific parts. However, a Minarelli piston will work with the stock Demm cylinder.
  • Some cosmetic frame parts and the electronics are interchangeable with other Italian brands.
  • Although the intake manifold and intake port are only 9mm, the transfer ports and exhaust port are very large, allowing this motor to reach speeds of 30mph.
  • One strange particular of the Demm mopeds is their extremely short front forks which are significantly shorter than the forks on other Italian mopeds.


Free shop manual can be found here:

30mph, 42.0 mm stroke, 38.8mm piston, L-shaped piston rings, Dellorto 14/12, Dansi ignition

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