The Skeeks, whatever their true origins, have become pretty much forgotten on the Moped Army forum. Challenges are issued for showdowns with the Skeeks and no one notices. The Skeeks might have once been blamed for everything from trolling forums to sabotaging mopeds. Occasionally a poster claiming to be a Skeek will post at the Moped Army threatening to wreak havoc at a rally by showing up on an extremely ugly scooter and hardly anyone will care.

They have terrible taste in bikes and many moped riders question if the Skeeks (as a scooter gang) ever existed at all. If the Skeeks do exist, they could be seen as the arch-nemesis of Moped Army, at least in their own heads. Their primary goal is the subversion of mopeds, and recognition of the superiority of scooters. The Skeeks are the only group that has an agenda which specifically identifies the Moped Army as an adversary.

Some links to an e-mail address on the Skeeks home page seem to indicate a connection to the Moped Army (through but this is attributed to the original Skeek website being mirrored for reference purposes.

Current status of the Skeeks is GARknown.

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