Sears Free Spirit

The Sears Free Spirit was a moped made by Kromag/Puch for distribution through Sears department store catalogs from 1977-1979.

Puch had already worked with Sears in the past, making motorcycles, mopeds, and bicycles for them in the 50s and 60s. Since Puch was already manufacturing Sears' line of "Free Spirit" bicycles still when the moped boom came in the late 1970s, it was only logical for both companies to work together to produce a moped bearing the same name.

The Free spirit moped came in three variations. The base model came as a fully rigid model and was blue in color. The two other models came with front and rear suspensions. The main differences between the two suspension models color and trim. A step up from the blue rigid model was the red model. The red Free Spirit came with painted fenders, spoke wheels and no tank trim. The third and last Free Spirit model was called the Deluxe, coming with chrome fenders, snowflake mag wheels, and black tank trim. The full-suspension models were based on the European Puch X-30. The frame was basically a step-through version of the Magnum frame, and included 27" forks and a wide swingarm as well. All models were equipped with the E50 engine. The only markings on the mopeds were the words "Free Spirit Moped" on the back of the bench seat, and decals on the side covers.

The rigid model was only available in blue, came without a speedometer, and carried a normal, springloaded saddle. These bear zero markings as to what model they are, aside from mentioning Sears on the VIN plate. A rear rack was an available accessory, but they are scarce today, although many 70's lower-end bicycle racks are a direct bolt on.