Ruslan Reynolds aka Ruslan P aka "homeboyrus"

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Attempted to ride a 2013 Tomos from NY to LA in late February 2014 before breaking down near Richmond VA. Subsequently the Moped Army branch BLK BLK donated 3 full days of shop labor and what amounts to an entirely new TOMOS A55 engine. == The veracity of his claims to be reluctant to accept any "outside lifelines" came into question when several posters in the General Discussion Forum came forward with stories of causing damage to a machine Reynolds initially expressed an interest in purchasing, then refusing to make any restitution for the damage.== Others began to doubt his sincerity when it came to light that he not only set up a Paypal account almost simultaneously with his FB page about his trip, BUT ALSO got in touch with a writer for VICE magazine, effectively violating the general Moped Army media blackout, but not to be outdone with himself, Reynolds attempted to play both sides of a flame war by alternately engaging in posting homophobic material and accusing later posters of publishing homophobic comments. Additionally it is alleged that before he skipped out on the repair bill at Shred Shed East he made extravagant food purchases and several attempts to procure cannabis and other intoxicants. After the scandal unfolded in the forum thread he had the gall to inquire if previous offers to house him along his trip still stood, as well as sexually harassing at least one MA member. While mooching off "Dade Murphy" for 3 days he agreed to turn the bike over to BLK Shawn and continue his westward trip by bus. Nevertheless he reneged on that as well, notwithstanding his ability to make [[Honey Buns and $10 bills #REDIRECT [[1]] ]] magically appear from nowhere since he's dead broke naturally. Despite this he caused Murphy's life lesson/ character assessment to backfire after RR failed to contribute $0.40 in order to prevent Murphy from going home to his Westphalia camper lacking in hosiery. Adding insult to injury, attracted the attention of the law enforcement agency resulting in both RR and Murphy being asked to contribute to the town's new pretty municipal building. This entry's contributor prognosticates that only Murphy will actually pay the citation. Has Facebook and Youtube accounts under the names "Ruslan Reynolds", "Ruslan P" "Homeboyrus" as well as a Twitter account under the name "DrVgo"

citation: crazywayne Now Rus is trying to get cash for the Moped that belongs to Blk-Blk for repairs he did not pay for to buy a plane ticket to LA to retrieve his pink thong at the LA post office.

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