Rope broke on my cheapo China pull start. Here's how to rewind it.

There are some pull start kits being developed for many bikes now days and it has to do with performance.
They are all different being made by individuals with limited budgets. The constant I have seen is they all
seem to come equipped with the same cheapo China pull start unit. Not to badmouth this little unit as I have one installed on my Hobbit and it only takes a short pull to really get the
motor spinning for a smooth start. The worst thing I feel is if you would pull the starting rope to it's very end and
put stress on the internal plastic rope spool. Just short little snap jerks is all it takes to start your bike if you can
tune worth a damn.
If your rope does break here are some tips to help you get it back spooling.

pull start and tools

Here is a broken pull start unit and the tools you will need to repair the cord. A crafty experienced person can
devise a method for threading the cord back into the spool eye without having to
remove the spool at all. I am showing the beginner method

burn nylon tip

First you will want to melt the nylon cord with a lighter and form the end into a point so that it will more easily thread
through the spools eye.

remove allan

Next you will want to remove the retaining allen screw and washer. Under the washer is the tension spring and
spring cup. Remove these and set them aside. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE PLASTIC SPOOL YET !!
Before lifting out the spool turn it slowly clockwise till you feel and hear the main spring released from the spring
pocket. Failing to do this might result in the main spring coming unwound and making a mess of a simple job.

spring pocket

Here you can see the end of the main spring under the spool and the opposing spring pocket that it locks into.

thread rope

Thread the melted end of the cord first through the pull start housing then up into the spools eye.

got it

Once you fish the cord, put a knot in the end and pull it back tight so that the knot sits in the little square bed.

grease shaft

Before we go back together with the assembly I recommend adding some grease to the moving parts.

grease kicking prawl

Get this good too.

feel for spring pocket

Place the spool back over the center post and you must again feel for the main spring finding its pocket. This time
turn the spool counter clockwise till the spring end latches into its home.

spring cup steel goes down

Now you can return the tension parts starting with the spring cup which goes in with the washer down and the
cup facing up to accept the spring.

center spring cup cleats

Note that the spring cup outer cleats sit in the open areas at the bottom of the kicking prawl.

spring and washer

Top it off with the large washer and allen screw.

winding counter clock

Lastly it is time to wind the main spring. Grab the cord a inch or so above the spool and then begin to rotate
the spool counterclockwise against the main spring pressure.

pull out the kinks

When the spring becomes fully wound and stops, back off the pressure about a half turn or until the cord knot is
about even with the aluminum housing feed slot. Jam a screw driver in to hold it or just hold it with your thumb
while you pull out all the cord slack to the outside and let the kinks unwind.

let it wind up

Now just release the spool and the cord should wind back up on the spool good as new

I did it!

I am now done with this page. You can contact me with Questions as "Cheetahchrome",26847