Rip Rips

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The Rip Rips are an unofficial group in Moped Army hailing from Tampa, FL. Rip Rips formed in 2009, after wanting to form a tighter knitted group of Tampa mopedry. The Co-Founders are Taylor Durdan and Mattology.


Current Members:

Taylor - 60mph puch polini
Mattology - 64mph gilarini
Laurentz - 60mph puch polini
Ranlet - 60mph racket
Funkstuffs - 53mph alukitty


Shamciao - 50mph polini
Yayoped - 51mph alukit

Friday nights the Rip Rips hold "Moped Friday" @ Chez Moped, the official house. Thai food, beer, and mopeds are the priorities of the night.

Sundays consist of morning rides to coffee shops, luncheons, and/or sporting events and beer.

The Rip Rips have attended the following rides since their inception.

Jcams Treasure Coast ride 2009
Don't Seize Me, Bro 2009
Rum Runners rally 2009
Don't Wake Up Dead 2009
God's Ride 2010
Bourbon Bandits Present: Whiskey Business 3
Blast Man Standing

The Rip Rips' mascot and logo are the Martian Yip Yips Riding an out of control Moped.

Each Rip rip is required to have a 50mph+ sustained flat land moped in their stable at all times.