Removing the hubs from the 6 Star Mag Wheels

There are many ways to remove the hubs from Motobecane 6-Star Mag wheels. Most often, you want to remove the hubs to paint the mags. You must remove extract the rivets to remove the hubs, the wheels can then be rebuilt using (per wheel)

  • 6 M6 X50mm Mx cap screws
  • 12 M6 washers
  • 6 M6 nylock nuts
  • I recommend using stainless, but it's probably not too crucial.

Basically all you have to do is cut off one side of the rivet and punch out the rivet. you can cut off either side. go slow, the hub is aluminum and easy to damage. Using a drill is much faster, but I am too sloppy with a drill so.


IMG 1532 2.JPG

The side I attacked this time

IMG 1533 2.JPG

I cut down into the cap until I could just see the cap coming away from the shaft, see the tiny circle line? IMG 1538 2.JPG

I could stop cutting at this point and easily punch out the rivet with a screwdriver that happened to be the correct diameter

IMG 1539 2.JPG

IMG 1537 2.JPG

IMG 1540 2.JPG

IMG 1541 2.JPG