Removing a seized piston

First method: (creator: Generic) 1) Remove the cylinder head. 2) Spray piston and cylinder walls withh PB Blaster. 3) Use a sledge hammer and a 2 inch wooden dowel to wack that sucker loose.

Second Method: (Creator: Eric P) Try this method only if the cylinder is stuck tight and the ports are closed off. 1) Take an old spark plug and cut the top off with a hack saw or dremel (all of the yellow parts in the picture).

Sparkplug 1.gif

2) Next, cut off the metal piece on the bottom and tap out the electrode out with a punch (again all yellow parts).

Sparkplug 2.gif

3) Then weld a grease fitting on the top of the metal part of the plug.

Sparkplug 3.gif

4) Next thread the new spark plug tool into the spark plug hole and place your grease gun on it. Pump away! The grease gun will generate a lot of pressure which will break the piston loose. Good luck! -Eric

Third method.

Only works if the ports are covered by the piston.

1.Find an old saucepan or strong tin can.

2. Pour in about a pint of diesel. (NOT PETROL!!!)

3. Heat on a stove or bbq until it’s about 100.c

4. CAREFULLY pour into cylinder and fill to the top. (Be careful of splashback if the cylinder is cold)

5. Let it sit overnight.

With luck by the morning the diesel will have run by the piston making everything start to loosen up.

Then find a stout piece of wood and a hammer.

Start whacking!

Please add to this article with new ideas as they are learned