Registering a moped in New York

Eurobikenyc's guide on how to register a moped in NYC.

What you need:

  • Forms: mv82, dtf802, mv51b, and mv51
  • A bill of sale
  • A clear photo of vin on vin plate
  • A valid drivers license


  • A vin etching with pencil and paper
  • a notarized bill of sale
  • vehicle title

State that the moped has never been registered, if you state it has a lost title then they will try to go through the system and this will take months. Remember to decide what class moped you want to register it as. Class C which is most laid back is 20mph or under.

Key points to stick to if questioned: Its a moped, 20mph or under if registering as Class C (make sure to stick to the number you have written), it has never been registered, it's a Class C moped and the notarized bill of sale is usually the deal maker.

This has worked for people who have used this technique but if you have a stubborn DMV clerk just try again the next day. Also using the reference that you have talked to the DMV technical sector and confirmed you have a Class C. Good luck. Distracting the clerks while they do your registration seems to help from what I am told.

Note that the DMV has a list of approved vehicles for the three limited use motorcycle classes. If the clerk sees your make, model and year on the correct list (even if technically your moped does not qualify) then you will be all set with little hassle. For instance, despite having a 55+ mph top speed and manual transmission the 1982 Honda MB5 is on the approved list for LMB (20-30mph) registration. Unfortunately this list has not been made available to the public.