RM12 Super 50

June 1965, and Raleigh extends its range of moped models with the announcement of the RM12 Super 50. This is a unique sports variant based on the RM6 Runabout rigid frame, but equipped with the 2.7bhp AV89 variator motor by means of special melatastic engine mountings welded to the frame. The installation was so unique that Motobécane never even issued their own version of this combination, favouring derivatives of the fully sprung frame for their Sports Spéciale models. So, at £87-19-6d, the Super 50 gave Raleigh a unique sports moped, at an appreciably lower cost than Motobécane's Spéciale.

While the frame, forks, engine and flywheel came from Motobécane, much of the rest of the bike was built-up by Raleigh. The Atom hubs were laced into Dunlop Endrick rims, frame trim and toolboxes recycled from the now obsolete RM4, the new sports petrol tank was Raleigh's own product, and was matched with a dual seat



Raleigh RM12 riding and maintenance instruction book