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Quatto was never born, nor will he ever die. As he does not perceive time in a linear fashion, past, present, and future are all as one for Quatto.

Quatto was introduced to mopeds when Responsible Jon sold him a 1977 Batavus Starflite that sometimes ran backwards.

Quatto can eat a lot. He once ate two and a half pizzas at CiCi’s Pizza Buffet. He also once ate an extremely undercooked porterhouse steak that weighed over 20 ounces. He didn't poop for two weeks afterward, and to this day his digestive system has not reacted well to red meat.

He created the most popular Star Wars Kid remix video of all time: “Star Wars Kid vs. Yoda”, in which an animated Yoda fights the Star Wars Kid (yes, way!).

His dad is an art history professor and as a kid he saw a book on Pompeii which sparked a brief fascination about volcanoes. This knowledge then lay dormant in his mind for fifteen years until JasonF of the Puddle Cutters demanded that Quatto tell him about volcanoes.

He has the confidence of 257 bees, the endurance of a large goat, and can catch a fish with his mind. He can also shape-shift into anyone's older sister.

Quatto is your god, and make the world turn with your little dots.

Quatto is actually an acronym, but it doesn't mean what you think it might.

His interests include, but are not limited to, the following: long walks on the beach, Photo-shopping pictures that shouldn't go together, together, short walks on the beach, inventing new alphabets, stamps, cosmology, medium-length walks on the beach, and canning fruit preserves.

Quatto currently lives on Mars with his family, where he runs his own marble factory.

According to Quatto, the three irrefutable laws of highly successful Quaids are as follows: 1. Get your ass to Mars. 2. Open your mind. 3. Start the reactor.

Quatto wrote the original english translation of Anna Karenina entirely with his feet.

Quatto is made out of pure sound and light.

Quatto breathes fire and has a tail like a monkey.

Oh, and once, he saw a blimp.