Pulling PA50 bushings

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This article shows how to remove bearings from a PA50 engine case. This technique may also be applicable to Peugeot mopeds.

Necessary Tools

  • 2 or 3 jaw puller (I used a 3 jaw from Harbor Frieght, super cheap)
  • 20mm socket
  • vise grips or adjustable wrench

Step One


Attach puller to fixed points on the engine case, being careful so that the jaws are not overlapping the bushing on the opposite side. this is a little difficult to get it in just the right spot if you have an extra large and cumbersome puller such as the one i have above pictured, although it does have the advantage of a longer reach. as you can see it came in handy to attach one of the jaws to the side of the case and not the surrounding area of the bushing.


Step Two

A 20mm socket fits the diameter of the outside metal area of the PA50 motor mount, which is the area that you want to be applying the pressure to. Line everything up and tighten down.



These little things are pressed in there very snugly, so it'll take some pressure to push them out, and occasionally as you're separating the two metals they'll make a loud POP sound, but it's just doing its thing.


Repeat until you have the bad ones out of your cases and the good ones out of your spare cases, and use the same procedure to reset the new ones. Easy as that..

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