Pull start install guide for Motobecane AV-10

Yet another install guide for one of the great American made pull start kits available from Treatland.
It's always a good idea to do one of these pictorials to help put the buyers mind at ease. This kit install is fire and forget with no special tools needed. Constructed of 18 gauge steel they look and work great.

This kit contains a right hand threaded crank nut so your motor must have right hand threads.
Here are all the components that come in the kit. Don't worry if these components don't match the Treats catalogue picture. The kits have been improved so that they fit and clear the other motor parts.

kit contains

Simple hand tools needed.


I can only assume that you are installing this kit on your running bike and can say that you don't need to fully remove your stator plate or flywheel. You can just loosen the stator plate so that it will rock out a little so that it will be easier to install the lower mounting block. You will need to fully remove the crankshaft nut as it will be replaced by the one in the kit.
I was loaned this motor and crank to use as a jig/holder for when I was building these kits. You will be bolting the pull start cover to the two bolts circled in red so you can now use your 11mm or 7/16 wrenches to loosen them now.

donor motor

With the two bolts loosened, go to the kits goodie bag and bring over the aluminum mounting block. You will see that the black has two threaded holes in it. The larger M7 hole will act as the new nut for securing the lower case bolt.

mount block

Hold the block in position over the bolt and finger thread the two till it is just hand tight. you will want to let the block pivot later in the install

position block

You will now bring back over your ignition stator plate. I use this bare one for build/mock up purposes. Reinstal the two retaining screws. If you are using just philips head or slotted screws you should never use locktite compound. You will hate life if you ever need to remove your ignition. After years of dealing with steel embedded in aluminum I recommend using silver anti seize paste. The paste will actually allow you to get the fasteners to turn in tighter and deeper where they will hold on their own and will still easily be removed. A person that tells you to use locktite on every application is simply not thinking in future tense.

stator plate

screw stator

Next you will want to install your La Partie flywheel and set your timing using what ever method you freaky Moby lovers use. Lay on the starting pawl and then thread on the provided crank nut and special hardened washer. You can probably see that I have coated the threads of the crank nut with anti seize as this nut will be turned with considerable force. This coating will protect the threads of both the crank and the nut from galling as the threads slide past one another. It will allow you to get the nut really tight too.

greasy threads

Use 11/16 socket.

11/16 socket

The top anchor tab must line up on the case bolt hole exactly. You may have to trim just a tiny bit of the stator plate directly adjacent to the case bolt hole. I just gave the lip a few passes with a file to get perfect clearance. Grinder or a dremel will make short work of this step.

file trim

clearance done

You can now lower the pullstart body down onto the case bolt and firmly press the body onto the lip of the stator plate. It is a precision fit so you may have to press hard. Be sure to install the winding unit onto the body using the three nuts and allens. The little rope spooling component included in this kit seems pretty robust but I recommend that you not pull the rope all the way to the end of the spool as the spool is plastic and if you live in cold climate I imagine it might snap the rope or the plastic spool. I have found that short quick snapping jerks work best and really get the motor Spinning for a smooth start. If your rope should break, here is a link to easily repairing the spooling unit. [rope broke]

perfect fit

Tighten the top case bolt as you would any other.

wrench tight

Jump back over to the mounting block side. Insert the aluminum spacer between the body tab and the mounting block. Thread the M6 bolt through the body tab and swivel the loose mounting block till you can finger thread the bolt into the block. Wrench it moderately tight.

bottom mount

mount tight

Lastly tighten the bottom mounting case bolt.

nice focus

Thats it!! This pull start is very well made and designed and will last forever.


I am now finished with this Wiki page. If you have any questions about the tips I suggested, or are having trouble with the process or can suggest how I can correct a mistake I have made or to make the page better, contact [Cheetahchrome]