Puch wiring diagrams

This page is a collection of stock wiring diagrams for a variety of Puch mopeds.


This will work or be close enough for just about any Maxi, Newport, Pinto, Swinger, Free Spirit, Magnum, Murray, etc. For additional information about and versions of this diagram, please see Puch wiring.

Stock wiring diagram

Early Canadian Maxi 1975

That should be good for any early twin coil puch maxi, but its out from a Canadian Service manual so I feel the need to precise just in case.

1975 Canadian Puch Maxi Wiring.jpg

Early Maxi (1976-77)

Wiring diagram for early Maxis

Early Early Puch 1973 2 coil (3-wire)

3-wire diagram for really early Puchs

A) Light out B) Dim light C) Full beam D) Buzzer (horn) E) Short button (kill switch)

1) Headlamp 2) Multifunction control 3) Magneto 4) Spark plug 5) Tail lamp 6) Buzzer (horn)

Schwarz- Black, Gelb- Yellow, Grau- Grey, Weiss- white

Horn wire from 'H' in the multifunction control to the horn is magenta

IMPORTANT NOTE: The green/red (not shown on the diagram which is otherwise accurate) and the yellow wires leaving the magneto should be twisted together and put into the terminal block together. The wire continues as yellow only. The other wire colours meeting at the terminal block are black to black and grey to grey.

See http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/read.php?6,3029708

1976 Puch Maxi/5-wire Bosch Magneto

1976 Puch Maxi -- 5 wire Bosch magneto

Magnum XK

Really awesome PDF file thoroughly explaining Magnum wiring

This would probably also be applicable, or mostly applicable, to Maxis, Swingers, Pintos, Free Spirits, and most other Puch mopeds.

Allstate (MS50)

Puch MS50 wiring diagram.png


Magnum X

Puch Magnum X wiring diagram.png

Mini Maxi/Dart

Puch Mini Maxi wiring diagram.png


Puch Murray wiring diagram.png