Puch N 1hp

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I own a 1hp puch rigid. The bike is completely stock and tops at 20. I am looking to spend time figuring out how I take it from where it is to being fast and extremely reliable for long rides. I'd like to find those spoke less rims for it. I'd like to know about it's restrictions and why it is only pulling 20. I want to know what exhaust parts work best for the rigid frame including exhaust carburetor and cylinder kits and what is involved in adding them, I want an exhaust that works for my pedals. What is best for de-rusting the chain? The only two problems I have are that the left brake handle does not activate the brake light and I lost the carburetor choke slide and I am not sure if the only one sold on treats will fit. I am also looking for contacts that know about adding performance and kits and so on. One more problem is that at full throttle the bike bogs up, it's like there is a sweet spot right before full throttle.