Polini Cup

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The Polini Cup is an annual racing series held in Atwater, CA 5 weekends during the spring and summer. PoliniUSA (now SPI Parts) hosts the event which provides racing for mopeds, scooters, pitbikes, nsr, gopeds, go quads and more. 2009 was the first year with a moped specific class. This open class started out fairly casual, but as the season progressed, many innovations hit the track and the racing grew more exciting. During the season, 2 additional moped classes were added; first twist-n-go which puts mopeds head-to-head against scooters, and later the Puch Polini class featuring e50 Polini builds.

The 2010 season begins in April with many new and innovative builds planned. Key teams include MotoMatic with Tommy, Tony, Alan, and Jimmy; 1977 Mopeds with Elliot, Round and Dan ; Choke with Jeff and Nikolas; and the Cuperteens with Tom, Matt and Zack. Team HYR from seattle made a few appearances with Terry Dean (now racing with MotoMatic) and Columbus Josh. Additional racers are expected to show up as well

2009 Race Results:


1 Jeff (Choke)

2 Jimmy (MotoMatic)

3 Tommy (MotoMatic)

Twist N Go Moped/Scooter:

1 Scott (Scooter)

2 Tommy (MotoMatic)

3 Zack (Cuperteens)

2010 Race Dates:

April 10-11

May 1-2

June 26-27

August 28-29

October 2-3

2010 Puch Polini Class Rules:

1. Must use a Polini Puch cylinder kit 144.0150

2. Exhaust unlimited

3. Can not add material to the stock cases or cylinder kit or any engine part.

4. 21mm carb max regardless of brand

5. Any frame that a puch engine came on factory (maxi, magnum, freespirit, kromag, dart, korado, ect.)

6. 2 or 3 shoe type puch clutch with unlimited modifications (different springs, reenforcement plate, cutting shoes, adding clutch material, but clutch must maintain pivot type engagement arms.

7. Points only/ NO CDI/ NO Electronic ignitions

8.Any head design air cooled only

9.E 50 motors/cases only -engine case must be used as designed. No case reed motors

10.Drum brakes front and rear that were stock on a moped (not old dual leading shoe drums from a vintage racer)

11.Any crank ok must maintain stock stroke

12. 4 pedal Polini reed OK P#215.0301 or equivalent

13.Frame bracing and Tank relocation allowed, suspension point relocation not allowed

14.16 or 17” wheels, any tire except full slicks, any width

15.No suspension modifications allowed except forks front forks