Peugeot wiring diagrams

This page is a collection of wiring diagrams for Peugeot mopeds.


Peugeot 102 wiring 1.png Peugeot 102 wiring 2.png


Internal ignition coil

Pug wiring.png


  • Red from stator → light switch and horn
  • Blue from horn → horn switch
  • Black from stator → brake light and (right?) brake light switch
  • Brown from stator → rectifier
  • Yellow from light switch (with red from stator) → headlight, speedometer light, tail light
  • Green connects one (right?) brake light switch to the other (left?) switch. Other (left?) switch grounded with black wire.
  • Blue from rectifier → kill switch
  • White from rectifier → resistance coil

See also: Peugeot coil winding

5-coil (external ignition coil)

External coil

Duck's simplified diagram


This is how you connect the updated 5 coil stator to the old 103 harness that used to have a 2 coil stater with the built in ignition coil. You will not need the external condersor and the resistor. You can remove the old white and brown wires. The grey ignition goes to the black harness wires. The White ignition gets spliced into the red harness wires. The yellow and green go to the ground of the external coil. the black ignition wire is the power wire to the external coil. You can splice the blue kill switch wire into the black ignition wire if you want to retain the factory kill switch. Special thanks to Nas for helping me get this straight.


Modified wiring

Alternate external coil wiring



Peugeot TSM wiring 1.png Peugeot TSM wiring 2.png