PA50I (PA50M) and PA50II Information

Honda PA50 "Hobbit"

This section presents information about the Honda Hobbit - in its stock configuration. If you are looking for tuning information, go to the Honda Tuning section in the Wiki.

Hobbit Models

Year Model Top Speed Frame Color Fuel Tank Color Rear Shock Color Foot Rest Color Drive Belt Cover Color Ignition Battery Starting Serial Number
1978 PA50I 20 MPH Red White White White Gray Points No PA50M-1100001
PA50II 30 MPH Yellow White White White Gray Points No PA50-1200001
1979 PA50I 20 MPH Red Red Red Red Black Points No PA50M-2100001
PA50II 30 MPH Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Black Points No PA50-2200001
1980 PA50II 30 MPH Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Black Points No PA50-3200001
1981 PA50II 30 MPH Red Red Red Black Black CDI Yes YC1AB0900BB100001
1982 PA50II 30 MPH Coral Red Coral Red Coral Red Coral Red Black CDI Yes YC1AB0905BB200001
1983 PA50II 30 MPH White White No cover Black Black CDI Yes YC1AB090XDB300001
PA50II 30 MPH Black Black No cover Black Black CDI Yes YC1AB090XDB300001

Honda Model Differences

(see: Honda PA Model Differences)

Ok, let's say that you have a PA50I, and you want to go faster. By far the easier quicker way to get to 30 MPH is to buy a PA50II motor, including its variator. if you would rather upgrade the piece parts, here's what you need:


The PA50II carb has a 12mm venturi, versus a 10mm venturi of the PA50I version. It also has a #78 jet versus a #60.

Reeds and Manifold

The PA50II reed uses two petals, flowing through two openings. The PA50I reed uses one petal, flowing through one opening. Don't know the manifold difference, but the Honda part number differs.

Crank, Piston, Head

No differences.


The PA50II has different exhaust port sizes/timings. The PA50I can be easily ported to PA50II specs. The PA50II exhaust outlet, I'll call it the flange area, is larger on a PA50II than a PA50I. For this reason, a PA50II muffler will not bolt up to a PA50I cylinder. This also applies to aftermarket exhausts, too!

Drive Assembly

NOTE: You may need to refer to the parts lists on-line, or linked herein to get used to the terms used. I use Honda terms.

The drive face differs between a PA50I and a PA50II. The PA50I drive face can be modified to PA50II specs. It is pretty easy. Go here:

The roller weight set has different Honda numbers. Don't know the difference, but I assume it is the weight of the rollers.

The ramp plate has a steeper slope on a PA50II versus a PA50I. This greater slope allows the variator to push the ramp plates closer together - increasing the diameter of the pulley and thus increasing the drive ratio - meaning higher top speed.

Air Inlet Tube

Both Air Inlet Tubes have three holes, but the three holes on a PA50II are larger in diameter. I've pulled these from my mopeds. The actual function for these tubes is to be a "silencer". When you pull them, you will hear wide open throttle - it will be louder than the stock muffler. I had to jet up after I removed the tube.


The muffler on a PA50II has a larger diameter head pipe, and a larger outlet pipe.