The Orphans are a Moped Army branch located in Brooklyn, New York City.

Founded originally in 2006 by Ryan Due, Gabriel C. Drummond-Cole, Annie Tsui, and Ali Gies in Brooklyn, NY. The group originally applied in 2006 under the name "crosstown kings" but only gained 71% approval and was not granted branch status. As with many great branches, the second time was the charm and on January 13th 2008, voting ended and branch status was gained. The Latebirds, Buffalo Boys, and Local Heroes were also voted in at the same time.

Original 2008 lineup:
Ryan Due
Gabriel Drummond-Cole
Annie Tsui
Wes Duvall
Joel Alford
Kelly Ginger
Justin Nge
Sarah Peterson
Bradley Carroll
Jamie Ewing

Inevitably, Dan from Tom Cruisers was forced to join after his undeniably poor showing at the Vermonster eating contest, where he was trounced by perennial favorite and bulk dessert competitive eating wunderkind, Nathan Roadmaster. Jessi Hector (Frick) was woood by Ryan, in a drunken stooper, at a party in Jeff Hinton's loft apartment. Shortly after David Frick realized he was an Orphan at heart and left M23. David and Jessi married and retired to San Francisco.