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Cleveland/Akron/Canton, OH
FoundedOctober 2008
RallyPirate Ride, Burning River Run, Burning River Run 2

The OHpeds were formed in the fall of 2008 when Chris Hoke, while drunk on N/A beer, was smote with a vision of Moped Raptor Jesus. His Scaliness handed down His command to form a holy brotherhood of Ohio moped riders under the banner of the Startled Smilie Face. United by a love of janky shitpeds, tasked with guarding the sacred Puch Magnum Tree from out-of-state transgressors and hurried by a fleet of Ford cargo vans the OHpeds strive in all things to make Dad proud by spending less than or equal to only a hundred bucks.

OHpeds are fight.

Rides and Rallies

Pirate Ride, 2010

Camping out on South Bass Island, blasting golf carts off the road and riling up the indigenous population.

Burning River Run, July 31st 2010

A scenic tour of the Cuyahoga River starting from the Cuyahoga National Forest, through Cleveland's industrial wasteland and finally ending at the shores of Lake Erie.

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