Myrons Mopeds

What is Myrons Mopeds?

Myrons Mopeds

Shaun Strahm is the "third Myron". Shaun Strahm is “Myron” Myrons Mopeds is the last moped shop remaining, out of over 100, in So. California since the 70’s. Owner Shaun serviced over 6000 mopeds from 1978 to 2013. Since 2013 Shaun has stopped doing service on whole bikes, but still does some service on components, like rims or carburetors.

Myrons Mopeds sells parts only for mopeds and nopeds, sold in California from after 1973, mostly 1976 to 1986, and compatibles. Sometimes 1960’s or 1990’s parts are the same.

Myrons Mopeds is located in Fullerton California, near Anaheim. Hours are 10 to 4, Tuesday to Saturday, Pacific time. Walk-in, ride-in, or send him an email at