The Murray moped was built through a partnership between department store bicycle manufacturer Murray and Puch. Puch made the engines and provided most of the parts, while Murray built the frames, forks, and swingarms in the United States. Murray distributed these mopeds through department stores, although there is not much information of which department stores actually carried these mopeds. They were manufactured between 1979-1982.

The Murray was available in silver, blue, maroon and a much more uncommon green color, with a frame and dimensions similar to the Sears Free Spirit, but made in America by Murray instead of Kromag. Like Murray's bicycles of the same vintage, the frames were very cheaply made and have been known to fail. The engine is the reliable E50, arguably the highest-quality part of the entire moped. The tank was the same rectangular design as the freespirit, but had black and orange Murray decals above the seam.