Muffler belt

Fictional Parts

A muffler belt is a fictional moped part. If you are asked to check your muffler belt someone is trying to play a joke on you, probably because you are asking a question in which they feel you haven't adequately looked for the answer. In the Moped Army forums, for example, the due diligence required before asking a question is to search for a related existing thread. Ironically, if you've been advised to check the muffler belt, it is very unlikely that you will ever read this wiki page.

Other "joke" parts

  • Pyramid Power Crystal
  • Blinker Fluid
  • Blinker Fluid Modulator
  • Flux Capacitor
  • Muffler Bearings
  • Piston Return Spring
  • Brass Magnet
  • Photon Jiggler
  • Intake Jogger
  • Seat Battery
  • Horn injector
  • Brass Balls
  • 710 Cap
  • Elbow Greese
  • Clutch Belt
  • Spark Plug Wire cleaner
  • Cross Drilled Brake lines
  • Adjustable Powerband
  • Boost Bar
  • Engine Oil Bypass kit
  • O-Pipe
  • Heavy Duty Tire Beads
  • Wiper Blade Sharpner