Motor mount bushing removal

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The DIY "Factory Tool" method.

You can easily replicate the MBK engine mount bushing puller, as seen here, using a few things from the hardware store that you may already have lying around:

  • 5"-6" Long bolt or threaded rod
  • Some washers, including a couple of large OD ones
  • A couple of nuts (grab a spare in case You strip one)
  • A socket just big enough so the engine mount bushing will fit inside.
  • A socket just a little smaller than the engine mount bushing, so it will fit through the frame.

I used 32mm and 24mm sockets I already had which happened to be a perfect fit, a 6" bolt, a couple of washers, and a couple of big fender washers. The head spacer tube also came in handy. If You don't already have the sockets, a cheaper alternative might be to find some pipe end caps the right size and drill holes through them for the bolt. That's how I make the same tool for larger automotive bushings.

It helps to soak around the mounts with some penetrating lubricant and give it a while to do it's magic before you start.

Installation is the reverse of removal, as the manuals say; just flip the tool around. It is a little fiddly to get the new mount started straight. Pro tip: You can use the flat rear of the smaller socket against the mount; the 1/2" square hole in the center should fit over the center tube of the mount (which sticks out past the side), this helps center the socket and keeps it from slipping off one edge in to the mount and level. It will also give the center tube somewhere to go without putting strain on it as you press the mount in by the outer sleeve.

You will need to so some measuring or test fitting of the head and spacer to make sure you get the spacing right.

Use a lock-nut on the engine mount bolt and do not over-tighten if you want the new mounts to last. There should be no side-to-side play, but the engine should swing freely without twisting and putting stress on the mounts rubber.

The two-jaw-puller method

The way I always replace these mounts is with a two jaw puller and a 1" socket coupled with a 1/2 to 3/8 adapter on it. It take about a minute per side to remove and put the new mount in. Just push the old one out and then push the new in. this is my answer to not having the dealer tool. Also I have never had any problems doing this and I have replaced many this way.

hope this helps

— Steve at Moto Throwbacks, New Bedford MA.