Motobecane VLX exhaust

The Motobecane VLX exhaust is often confused for a higher performance alternative to the stock exhaust Motobecane utilized on all other models due to its flashy outer guard and the fact that it swoops around the bike dramatically instead of merely residing underneath. The sad truth is however, that while making you look like a badass, the VLX exhaust is actually robbing your precious Motobecane of power due to its restrictive design. It is also confusing to mount even when looking at a picture and, contrary to popular belief, offers no performance benefit on the Autista 70cc kit.


"Yeah, thanks to the increased ground clearance from my VLX exhaust and the awesome torque from my Autista kit i can take shortcuts through trails and shit."

However, the VLX exhaust is less restrictive than the stock model 7 exhaust (either the 20mph version, or even the 25/30mph version) and will offer a VERY LIMITED (1-2mph over the 25/30mph exhaust) performance upgrade for the model 7.

Model 7LX.jpg

Due to the angle of the motor, the exhaust can be mounted to the seat post by changing the stock bolt from the mounting bracket out for a longer carriage bolt. If positioned with care, the side panel / engine cover can still be removed without removing the pipe.