Moped rally

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A moped rally is a large event, generally sponsored by a branch. Branches who sponsor rallies often do so annually or semi-annually.

Events at specific rallies vary greatly. Common events and activities include organized rides around a branch's city, moped races, barbecues, parties, and bar invasions. Moped Army branches often have merchandise such as T-shirts and stickers available for sale.

For advice on how to put together a rally, see How to throw a rally

Examples of Moped Rallies

  • Red October 3 — Hosted by The Guns of Ann Arbor, Michigan, on September 29- October 1, 2006.
  • Trick or Treat 2006 — Hosted by the Creatures of the Loin of San Francisco, California, on September 22-25, 2006.
  • Ghost Ride — Hosted by the Ghost Riders of Grand Rapids, Michigan, on August 12-13, 2006.
  • Blood Drive IV — Hosted by the Mosquito Fleet of Seattle, Washington, on August 3-7, 2006.
  • Bomb Prom 2006: Enchantment Under the Sea — Hosted by the Bombardment Society of Cincinnati, Ohio, on June 23-25, 2006.
  • Bling BQ 3 — Hosted by Peddy Cash of Chicago, Illinois on July 14-16, 2006
  • Moped BBQ 12 — Hosted by the Decepticons of Kalamazoo, Michigan, on May 29, 2006.
  • Mopeds Gone Wild II — Hosted by the Hell's Satans of Richmond, Virginia, on March 31-April 2, 2006.

Moped Rally Archive

The Moped Rally Archive is a separate wiki page that acts as an index of all known moped rallies.

Moped Rally Poster Art

Included below is artwork for rallies, rides, races, benefits, and other moped-related events. Both Moped Army branches and other moped gangs' events are represented. If you have new posters, or a better copy of an existing one, please add them in order to keep this section as current as possible.

(NOTE: This section is currently under construction as of 12/01/11. Please wait to edit/add posters, etc., until i remove this parenthetical note. There are roughly 100 of them to load. To view the complete collection in an outside link while i'm finishing this, Click here)

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