Moped BBQ

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The Moped BBQ is an event that used to be held each Memorial Day in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Sponsored by the Decepticons, it is known for its No-Rules Race and for being some of the largest moped rallies held in the United States.


Prior to BBQ 10 in 2003, Moped BBQ events were held twice yearly in Kalamazoo, on Memorial Day and Labor Day. The main BBQ event has been held in a number of locations in the past, including Moped Manor, The Space, and 1977 Mopeds.

BBQ 1/2


BBQ 3/4



May 2000


May 2001


May 2002


May 2003


May 2004

BBQ 10

May 2005

BBQ 11

May 2006

BBQ 12

May 2007

BBQ 13: Bad Luck for Some

May 2008, very large rally, held mostly at 1977 Mopeds walking mall location and Rocket Star. Had two shirts designed, both of which were printed.

BBQ 14: Mopedaggedon

May 2009. Paul Sizer did T-shirt design.

BBQ 15: You Had to Be in Town

May 2010. Jordan Hollerbach designed the T-shirt.

Ghost Ride 6 / BBQ16 AKA Ghosticon

August 2011, shared rally between the Ghost Riders and Decepticons. Klassic Arcade.

BBQ 17

October 2012. No shirts. Lots of rain, most of the rally was in Quarterkick.

Salute Your Ports

August 2013 Shared rally with GR, & ML.

Salute Your Ports 2 - Midwasted

August 2014 Shared rally with GR, & ML.

Other Info

In 2000, the Kalamazoo Gazette wrote an article about the Moped BBQ event entitled "'Swarm and Destroy' is Motto of Moped Army".


Some events held in the past have included:

  • The No-Rules Race. The format and length changed throughout the years.
    • Circa BBQ 6, members showed having reached each checkpoint by gathering fliers, and the first to return to the starting point with all the fliers won.
    • By BBQ 10, each checkpoint had fewer fliers, resulting in an elimination-style race. Helmets were required.
    • The race at BBQ 13 was held in the student ghetto, in a small circle of city blocks, which resulted in unforeseen congestion and moped pile-ups.
  • Mo-lympics, a series of events held for several years consecutively at Spring Valley Park. Events included carburetor rebuilds, Solex Toss, slow race, pedal race, and trick riding.
  • The BBQ itself, held on Memorial Day. In earlier days this was held at Moped Manor; in later years adjacent to 1977 Mopeds.
  • Occasionally the BBQ rally has ended unofficially with rides to the beach at South Haven.