Moped and Scooter Crankshafts

The following is a growing table of general crankshaft dimensions to be used as a starting point for crankshaft swaps between engines.

"AM" signifies an aftermarket version is available, but never came OEM in an engine.

"-" signifies info to be added

Engine Stroke ConRod Length Pin Size Lobe ‎⌀ Lobe Width Bearing ID Seal ID
PA50 39.6mm 80mm 10mm/12mm AM 70mm 41mm 20mm 15mm/17mm
E50 43mm/44mm AM 90mm 12mm 70mm 34mm 17mm 17mm/22mm
Pug 103 39.1mm 75.5mm 12mm 69mm nice 36.6mm 17mm/20mm 16mm/20mm
Moby AV7/AV10 41.6 86mm 13mm 69mm 38.5mm 16mm 15/16?
Minarelli V1 39mm/42mm - 12mm - - 17mm 17mm
Morini M1/M01 39mm 77mm 12mm - - 17mm 17mm
Solex - 91mm 12mm - - 15mm/17mm 21mm
Vespa Moped 43mm 86mm 10mm/12mm 70mm 33mm 15mm 15mm
Sachs 505 A,B,C 43mm/D 44mm 83mm 12mm 79mm 34.5mm 15mm 15mm
Sachs 504 - - 12mm - - 15mm 15mm
Derbi PP/PR 43mm - 12mm 77mm 41.35mm 17mm 17mm
Derbi FR 40mm - 12mm - - 17mm/20mm 17mm
Derbi Start V - - - - - 20mm -