Moped Books

A moped book is a book that contains relevant information regarding mopeds and two strokes engines applicable to mopeds.

Authors: Paul DuPre
Publication Date: 1977
Publisher: Greatlakes Living Press

The Moped Handbook
Authors: Terry Arthur
Publication Date: 1977
Publisher: Random House Value Publishing

Moped Repair Handbook
Author: Paul Dempsey
Publication Date: September 1977
Description: A moped only book that focuses on repair and descriptions of systems commonly found on mopeds.

The Complete Book of Mopeds
Authors: Laura Torbet and Jonathan Sternfield
Publication Date: 1977
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls

The Complete Book of Mopeds; By the editors of Consumer Guide
Publication Date: 1977
Publisher: Warner Books

Mopeds: The Complete Guide
Authors: Steve Pyle
Publication Date: 1978
Publisher: Stein & Day Pub

All About Mopeds
Author: Max Alth
Publication Date: 1978
Publisher: Watts; Library Binding edition

Puch Moped Owner Service/Repair 1976-1977
Publication Date: 1978
Publisher: Clymer Publications

Two-stroke Tuner's Handbook
Author: Gordon Jennings
Publication Date: January 1, 1987
Description: A rare technical guide to the fundamentals of the Crank Train, Cylinder heads, Expansion chambers, Port timing, Crankcase pumping, carburetion and ignition.

Two-Stroke Performance Tuning
Author: A. Graham Bell
Publication Date: November 28, 1999(Second Edition)
Description: Engine-tuning expert A. Graham Bell steers you through the various modifications that can be made to coax maximum useable power output and mechanical reliability from your two-stroke. Fully revised with the latest information on all areas of engine operation, from air and fuel, through carburation, ignition, cylinders, porting, reed and rotary valves, and exhaust systems to cooling and lubrication, dyno tuning and gearing.
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Funky Mopeds
Author: Richard Skelton
Publication Date: January 20, 2005
Description: A celebration of the sports moped recapturing the spirit of happy and carefree times and looking at the bikes that gave freedom to a generation. Covers the social history of the 1970s, as well as the Funky Mopeds, first introduced in 1972. Manufacturers included Gilera, Honda, Puch, Suzuki, Yamaha, Zundapp among others. Covers the current scene and today's revival of mopeds.

Moped Army
Authors: Paul Sizer
Publication Date: April 6, 2006
Publisher: Fiery Studios